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Campania is a region with ancient winemaking traditions and in more recent times has been known to produce wines of the highest quality from both red and white grape varieties.   The region is characterised by large vineyards, some of which are in unusual locations for vineyards such as at the foot of Mount Vesuvius Volcano, the peninsula of Sorrento and the islands of Capri and Ischia.  Campania concentrates the main part of its wine production in the centre of the region. 

Nearly all red wines are produced from the Aglianico grape, in particular Taurasi, a strong structured wine which is predisposed to a long aging process.  Taurasi is referred to as ‘the Barolo of the South’. 

With regards to white wines, Falanghina, Greco and Fiano represent some of the more well known and popular labels from the Campagnia region.  Coda di Volpe, Bianco Lella and Forestera are speciality wines made by small producers.   

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