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The wine producing areas of Lombardy are varied and distinctive due to the distances between them, and each area produces wines with their own particular characteristics and properties.  The most important areas of wine production are Valtellina, La Franciacorte, and L’Oltrepo Pavese.

Valtellina situated in Sondrio in the north of Lombardy, produces wine using the Nebbiolo grape.  There are four principal areas of this region Inferno, Sasella, Grumello and Valgella.  

Sforzato, a red wine is one of the most notable wines produced in Valtellina.  Sforzato is produced through the ‘appassimento’ or ‘grape drying’ method whereby harvested grapes are not immediately crushed but stored for 3 to 4 months allowing the grapes to dry slightly and sugars to concentrate.  The result is a dry wine with a good aroma and high alcohol content.   

Franciacorta is situated in the province of Brescia and is famous for its high quality sparkling wines.  The sparkling wines are produced by the classic method whereby the wine ferments in the bottle for a minimum of 24 months and it is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Bianco grape varieties.

L’Oltrepo Paevese is situated in a hilly area south of the city of Milan, and is known for its red sparkling wines of Barbera, Bonarda and also for sparkling wines based on the Pinot Nero grape.   

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