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In the last few years Marche has taken great steps forward in the production of quality wine.  Today the region is represented by the white wine Verdicchio.  Considered in the past as a ‘pizzeria’ or cheap wine, today the wines reputation has greatly improved and it is now considered one of the more important Italian white wines with a high quality and versatility.  Verdicchio can be consumed at an early stage as a young wine when it is fresh with a good aroma or also it can be left to age where it becomes more complex and elegant. 

It is also worth mentioning Pecorino and Passerina white wines which are considered trendy and are particularly suitable as an aperitif. 

With regards to red wines, the most significant of these is Conero which is produced mainly from the Montepulciano grape and has a full body and enduring tannins. 

To conclude we must also mention Lacrima di Morro, an aromatic and soft red wine which is best when consumed with fish dishes.  

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