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Veneto is a highly regarded region for Italian wine and is decidedly varied in terms of the wines it produces including white, red, sparkling and sweet wines.  The notable wines of this area are almost exclusively produced in the hilly areas of Veneto. 

The principal production zones are Valipollicella, Lugana, Soave, Valdobbiadene and Breganze. Valipollicella, near the city of Verona produces important red wines made with the local grape varieties of Corvina, Molinara e Rondinella. 

Amarone is the principal wine of Valipollicella and is produced through the‘appassimento’ or ‘grape drying’ method whereby harvested grapes are not immediately crushed but stored for 3 to 4 months allowing the grapes to dry slightly and sugars to concentrate.  The result is a full bodied wine with a high alcohol content and a good aroma of forest fruits and cherry.  

Lugana, situated near Lake Garda produces fresh and aromatic white and rose wines that go particularly well with fish dishes. 

The Soave area is well known for its famous namesake wine Soave, which is mass produced in cooperative cellars, but when the grape is cultivated and processed in correct manner it can be transformed into an excellent white wine, both refined and enduring. 

Valdobbiadene, near the city of Treviso, produces one of the most famous and popular Italian sparkling wines throughout the world, Prosecco.  Made with the Grela grape through the Charmat method of fermentation, Prosecco is a fresh wine with a fruity aroma of pear, apple and white flowers and makes an excellent aperitif wine.

Breganze near the town of Vincenza, produces a notable sweet wine called Torcolata.  Torcolata is produced through the ‘appassimento’ method and once harvested the grapes stored for several months to concentrate the sugar content.  

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